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Photothermal instruments
Low absorption tests in solids, liguids, gases
- space and time-resolved
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Photothermal systems

Based on Photothermal Common-Path Interferometer (PCI) concept

The instrument
  • Detects the thermal effect of absorption.
  • Insensitive to scattering.
  • Has moderate 3D resolution:
    • test substrate behind the coating, interface between bonded parts
    • make 2D or 3D maps of absorption patterns
  • Can be used to monitor induced, time-dependent absorption:
    • gray tracks,
    • laser-induced transparency (bleaching),
    • initial stages of optical damage, etc.
R&D Solano systems (Solano housing temporarily unavailable, completely replaceable with the Quad design)
  • Based on Solano enclosure design
  • Basic LabView data acquisition
  • Designed for testing coated substrates
  • Manuals with examples of tests
  • Standard set of sample holders
Photothermal system configurator
1. Type of enclosure: Solano Quad
2. Number of pump laser ports (Quad only): 1 2
3. Scanning unit type: Manual Motorized
4. Scanning lengths along X, Y, Z axis 1"x1"x1" 2"x2"x2"
5. Number of photodetectors (Solano only): 2 3
6. Third-party electronics: Optical chopper
Lock-in amplifier
Power meter
7. Matching optics (attenuators, mirrors, telescopes): Required
8. If you'd like SPTS to supply pump laser/s please type in your requirements in     the text box below:
Chosen system configuration price starts at:   $  (US price)
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