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Photothermal instruments
Low absorption tests in solids, liguids, gases
- space and time-resolved
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Photothermal systems

Based on Photothermal Common-Path Interferometer (PCI) concept

The instrument
  • Detects the thermal effect of absorption.
  • Insensitive to scattering.
  • Has moderate 3D resolution:
    • test substrate behind the coating, interface between bonded parts
    • make 2D or 3D maps of absorption patterns
  • Can be used to monitor induced, time-dependent absorption:
    • gray tracks,
    • laser-induced transparency (bleaching),
    • initial stages of optical damage, etc.
R&D Quad systems
  • Based on spaceous Quad enclosure design
  • Basic LabView data acquisition
  • Easy change of system configuration
  • Manuals with examples of tests
  • Standard set of sample holders
R&D Quad systems features
XYZ scanning unit 1"x1"x1" or 2"x2"x2" with any combination of motorized and manual actuators
Set of standard samples holders
Basic LabView acquisition software
R&D systems are supplied with manuals comprising various examples of tests and scans
Choose required photothermal system configuration using System builder tab
Common Quad specifications
Probe laser
Low noise class IIIa He-Ne
Probe wavelength
633 nm
Pump/probe crossing angle
0.1 rad
Pump chopping frequency range
200-800 Hz
Sensitivity to bulk absorption
(minimum absorbed pump power per 1cm length)
1 W*, CW or average
Sensitivity to surface absorption
(minimum absorbed pump power)
0.1 W*, CW or average
Transverse resolution in space
60 m
Longitudinal resolution in space
0.6 mm*
Resolution in time
from 0.01 sec
Precision for relative measurements of absorption
Lock-in amplifier type
Nnumber of photodetectors
* approximate number (depends on the type of tested optical material)
Other features
Sensitivity of absorption measurements
- Low absorption in the bulk optical materials for high power applications such as sapphire, YAG, fused silica, LiNbO3, KTP, TeO2, etc.
Insensitive to scattering
- Photothermal systems detect thermal effect of absorption
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