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Photothermal instruments
Low absorption tests in solids, liguids, gases
- space and time-resolved
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Photothermal systems

Based on Photothermal Common-Path Interferometer (PCI) concept

The instrument
  • Detects the thermal effect of absorption.
  • Insensitive to scattering.
  • Has moderate 3D resolution:
    • test substrate behind the coating, interface between bonded parts
    • make 2D or 3D maps of absorption patterns
  • Can be used to monitor induced, time-dependent absorption:
    • gray tracks,
    • laser-induced transparency (bleaching),
    • initial stages of optical damage, etc.
Industrial Solano systems (Solano housing temporarily unavailable, completely replaceable with the Quad design)
  • Based on Solano enclosure design
  • Noise/vibration isolation
  • Advanced software
  • Extended automation of standard tests
  • Individually designed sample holders
Solano industrial systems features
Motorized XYZ scanning unit 1"x1"x1" or 2"x2"x2" (replaces manual version)
Supplied with a range of individually designed sample holders for fast and convenient screening
Programmatically controlled scanning unit. Automatic 2D/3D sample scanning. Automatic control of precise sample position
Solano is equipped with "reflection unit" which is a complementary photodetector/s grabbing reflected probe laser beam making it possible to perform tests on HR coatings or coatings with non-transparant substrate
Choose required photothermal system configuration using System builder tab
Common Solano specifications
Probe laser
Low noise class IIIa He-Ne
Probe wavelength
633 nm
Pump/probe crossing angle
0.1 rad
Pump chopping frequency range
20-40 Hz
Sensitivity to bulk absorption
(minimum absorbed pump power per 1cm length)
1 W*, CW or average
Sensitivity to surface absorption
(minimum absorbed pump power)
0.1 W*, CW or average
Transverse resolution in space
60 m
Longitudinal resolution in space
0.6 mm*
Resolution in time
from 0.01 sec
Precision for relative measurements of absorption
Lock-in amplifier type
Nnumber of photodetectors
2 or 3
* approximate number (depends on the type of tested optical material)
Other features
Sensitivity of absorption measurements
- Low absorption in the bulk optical materials for high power applications such as sapphire, YAG, fused silica, LiNbO3, KTP, TeO2, etc.
Insensitive to scattering
- Photothermal systems detect thermal effect of absorption
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