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Photothermal instruments
Low absorption tests in solids, liguids, gases, thin films
- space and time-resolved
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Photothermal systems

Based on Photothermal Common-Path Interferometer (PCI) concept

The instrument
  • Detects the thermal effect of absorption.
  • Insensitive to scattering.
  • Has moderate 3D resolution:
    • test substrate behind the coating, interface between bonded parts
    • make 2D or 3D maps of absorption patterns
  • Can be used to monitor induced, time-dependent absorption:
    • gray tracks,
    • laser-induced transparency (bleaching),
    • initial stages of optical damage, etc.
Industrial Quad systems
  • Based on spaceous Quad enclosure design
  • Noise/vibration isolation
  • LabVIEW software
  • Extended automation of standard tests
  • Individually designed sample holders
Photothermal Quad systems
Main unit with 1 pump port and manual XYZ scanning unit, set of standard accessories
please, call
Main unit with 2 pump ports and manual XYZ scanning unit, set of standard accessories
please, call
Motorized 1"x1"x1" XYZ scanning unit (replaces manual)
please, call
Motorized 2"x2"x2" XYZ scanning unit (replaces manual)
please, call
Set of matching optics for one pump port instrument (attenuator, mirrors and telescope)
please, call
Set of matching optics for 2 pump ports instrument (attenuators, mirrors and telescopes)
please, call
LabView data acquisition software (executables and code, pre-installed or with installation support)
Documentation with general installation instructions
2 months of free technical support over phone and e-mail
12 months warranty on parts and labor
individual installation instructions and unlimited phone and email installation support
please, call
on-site installation and training
factory training, one full day minimum
Shipping FCA Hilo, HI
please, contact FedEx or UPS
Attention: Prices listed above are for United States customers only. For other countries please apply to our distributors.
Spare holders for 1" optics
-/Stanford Photo-Thermal Solutions
Included with main unit
Mounted pinhole, for alignment
-/Stanford Photo-Thermal Solutions
Included with main unit
Calibration standards
-/Stanford Photo-Thermal Solutions
Included with main unit
Lock-in amplifier*
Optical chopper*
Power meter with 10mW-10W sensor*
Reflection attachment
-/Stanford Photo-Thermal Solutions
please, call
*   suggested third-party electronics. SPTS can equip the system with factory
     tested set of electronics.
**  list price for US customers at the company website, May 12, 2015.
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